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Business Owner: A small Business Owner learns the value of having his Financial Planner, CPA and Attorney all working together (click to read more)

  • Several years ago we acquired new clients who were small business owners. When they began their business, their personal portfolio was extremely small, as were the business assets. Their only two advisors were their attorney and CPA. As the business grew, both portfolios also increased, but the clients felt they were underserved in the area of financial planning.

  • Their new Feltz WealthPLAN Wealth Advisor conducted a thorough review and financial analysis of the personal and business holdings. A comprehensive financial plan was put in place to assist the clients in pursuing their long-term goals for both the business and their personal life.

  • As they aged, their Wealth Advisor worked with the couple, their attorney and CPA to prepare a thorough estate plan, that included the sale of their business. We helped develop a succession plan for the new business owner, facilitated the passing of wealth from one generation to the next, and now help manage and counsel the next generation.

  • Financial Planners, Attorneys and CPAs all have their area of expertise. A prudent investor recognizes the need for each of these professionals on a separate, and sometimes consolidated level.

Divorcée: A recent Divorcée needs assistance with balancing her budget and buying a new home. (click to read more)

  • The client came to Feltz WealthPLAN by way of her divorce counsel after she had been awarded a settlement, payable in installments over several years. She and her husband had worked with a financial planner as a couple, however she felt uncomfortable continuing to work with the same individual for confidentiality reasons.

    Her Feltz WealthPLAN Wealth Advisor, over the course of several discovery appointments, realized that his new client would require guidance on creating and maintaining a budget, assistance with obtaining a mortgage and purchasing a new home, recommendations for Social Security options, as well as helping manage her portfolio.

    Raising children as a single parent, embarking on a new career, balancing income against expenses, and even negotiating the dating cycle again were daunting experiences for this new divorcee.

    Feltz WealthPLAN understands the complex and highly emotional situations presented with divorces. Our Wealth Advisor had to both ensure the client's financial interests were protected, while also keeping in mind the devastating emotional toll any divorce can take.

New Retiree: A New Retiree addresses his stock option plans and new cash flow requirements. (click to read more)

  • The newly retired professional received a mandatory buyout package following a merger, but was confused by his options. He would have plenty of funds to assure a long retirement, but had no idea how to deal with the proceeds and all the elections that needed to be made in a relatively short period of time.

    Together with his Feltz WealthPLAN Wealth Advisor, they reviewed his options to help create the best plan for the goals of the retiree.

    Over the years and through various employer acquisitions, he had accumulated numerous retirement plans, and his investments were heavily concentrated in employer stock programs—all of which were in the same industry. We advised—and the client agreed—to pare back the concentration in these stocks and start diversifying. We also addressed his deferred compensation plans and several non-qualified pension plans.

    His Wealth Advisor developed a cash flow plan to provide the client and his wife the income to which they were accustomed. This included income from deferred compensation as well as their investment portfolio.

    Qualified Retirement Plans can be confusing – seeing the advice of a knowledgeable Wealth Advisor can help you stay up to date on the myriad of options available to retirees.

Retired Widow: A widow must learn how to balance a budget, pay her bills online, and downsize her home. (click to read more)

  • Losing a spouse tops the list of most stressful life changing events. Jim, our client, had been diagnosed with cancer, but had enjoyed many good retirement years with his wife, Mary. After twelve years of remission, the cancer returned, and Jim passed away suddenly.

    Jim had always taken care of paying the bills, and monitoring their investment portfolio and budget, but now Mary needed to take on that role.

    Her Feltz WealthPLAN Wealth Advisor spent several days working closely with Mary to help her understand her budget, explain where the funds would be coming from, and how to set up online billing to help simplify the process for her.

    Mary also had the burden of taking care of a home which was far beyond her time and energy capabilities. Downsizing and moving closer to family was her main goal. The Advisor put her in contact with a competent and reputable realtor to help with the task of finding a buyer for her current home, and locating a new low-maintenance residence.

    At Feltz WealthPLAN, the role of an Advisor is not solely that of managing investment assets. It is being a concierge for advice on the many facets and challenges facing our mature clients.

Young Widow: A young widow must cope with developing a solid financial plan for herself and her children. (click to read more)

  • High school sweethearts, married 15 years, two great kids – a storybook life. When the couple decided to embark on retirement planning, the husband's parents suggested they contact Feltz WealthPLAN. After an initial conversation with our Wealth Advisor, the husband said he'd put a note on the fridge to call back after their upcoming vacation. The call never came.

    The wife called our office several weeks later to say her husband had died suddenly. She noticed the note on the fridge, and knew her husband would want her to call. Knowing the widow's limited knowledge of financial affairs, our Wealth Advaisor created a proposal to plan for her and her children.

    Her husband's refrigerator note has led to a deep relationship between Feltz WealthPLAN and the woman. Her financial plan is solid, her knowledge of her holdings is growing, and she is comfortable in knowing that her husband's wishes to have a financial advisor look after their retirement assets have been realized.

    Death can be sudden and sometimes people are unprepared. Finding a trusted advisor who will act as an advocate to guide them through a difficult time helps alleviate worries and brings comfort and security to a family.